Leon Valley Area
Chamber Of Commerce
Board of Directors
Bill Gerlt, President
Assistant General Manager, Missions Baseball (210) 675-7275
Email: leonvalleychamber@gmail.com
I'm proud to lead this great organization of businesses. We have an ambitious agenda that includes partnering with other local chambers and strengthening economic development in Leon Valley. Our board of directors is committed to adding value to the membership. We hope you will become more involved. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have suggestions or concerns. This is YOUR chamber!
Benny Martinez, Director of Media
Councilman Benny Martinez was elected in May 2014 to the Leon Valley City Council. Benny is a board member of the Leon Valley Area Chamber of Commerce. Prior Benny has served on the Leon Valley Zoning Commission, member of the Business Affairs Committee and completed the Leon Valley Leadership training. I plan to bring the City of Leon Valley, Leon Valley Area Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development to work together to attract new businesses.
Pat Strandberg, Special Projects
It is great to be a part of this Chamber.  The Chamber makes you feel like an important part of the organization whether you are a small or a large business.  Everyone is welcome and can learn and grow from the knowledge you gain from the meetings and networking with other members.
Zachary Keeton, Vice President
Email: leonvalleychamber@gmail.com
Business owners face tough decisions in various areas (eg. marketing, finance, human resources, management, customer satisfaction, sales, and so on, and so on). It can be a daunting task.  Our Chamber of Commerce facilitates the pooling of resources, ideas, and concerns from many local area business for the benefit of all.  I'm proud to be a part of this great organization and to know it's wonderful members.
Gail Tribble, Chamber Treasurer
Bexar County Auto Reports
Joining the chamber was like joining an institution which provided networking with a number of like minded businesses in the area and together promoting business and the community as a whole. Lots of opportunities to meet new people and network within the chamber to create possible new avenues of business.
Sylvia Stein, Director of Special Projects
The chamber is a great avenue to help build awareness in the community of the large variety of local businesses in our own area. It allows us to tap into and build on the various talents, resources, and opportunities available in our own community.
Shirley Owen, Advisory Board
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